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"Slow Fashion" can and should be created respecting the environment, without using plastics or derivatives, with biodegradable materials, no waste, reusing them before they are discarded. Trying as much as possible that our suppliers are local, promoting green trade and industry around us. The DLABUELA project is the example of these good practices.

Taking over from our grandmothers in the Axarquia of Malaga, their love and respect for nature while we see our world through the eyes of a child who wants to improve the environment in which he lives. This is the light that guides us when creating DLABUELA textile accessories with our hands and in an artisanal way.

We use Jute because it is a 100% ecological, biodegradable and recyclable fiber. Each hectare of jute plants consumes 15 tons of carbon dioxide, releasing 11 tons of oxygen into the atmosphere. It is a plant that actively and passively contributes to improving the environment.

Organic cotton is another of our favorite materials, because as no type of pesticide or toxic chemical is used for its cultivation and manufacture, it is recommended for sensitive skin and ideal for babies with atopic skin. At the same time, it respects the environment and the communities that grow them through a fair trade that certifies (Global Organic Textile Standard) of our cottons.

We are a project of people for people, who care for and love the world in which we live.