In a globalized world where it seems that money is the measure of all things, the Axarquia Solution s.l. and through our registered trademark DLABUELA, we want and need to self-imposed the following requirements that go beyond the legal taxes to which we are subject as a company. And for those of us who try to improve our environment at all times, both at the psychological level of our clients, trainees and team, as well as our natural environment, in which we want not only to have the least possible impact, but also to act positively so that we can help their conservation and improvement directly.

1. Annual planting.

In the following link you can see the "I Siembra Tu Arbol DLABUELA" Watch Video that was held on March 29, 2021 in the town of Benajarafe. Where around 50 native trees with more than 3 years of life were planted, with the help of boys and girls and their families. Vélez-Málaga City Council, through its Department of the Environment and Mayor's Office of Benajarafe and Chilches. After positive action they can still be visited and we hope for a long time at the following address See location.

2. Promotion of sport

Through the sponsorship of the Mountain-Bike team "DLABUELA ACTRION TORRE DEL MAR". See Instagram We want to contribute to promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transport. For us it is essential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to our planet, and although it is not possible at this time to reduce them completely. With the promotion of the bicycle as a means of transport, we want to continue adding to these good practices that facilitate a better life on our planet and a better physical and mental state.


3. Commitment “0” Plastics.

We have a commitment to ourselves not to use plastic in our packaging or in our products. Our packaging is made of recycled paper and the product viewing windows are made of PLA material (corn fibers) that is fully compostable. At all times we seek to ensure that our products are sustainable in all phases of their design, manufacture and marketing. . We are currently solving the use of plastic in courier parcels and our total commitment is not to use it in the immediate future. Most of our products do not contain plastic, although currently our reusable hygienic masks contain two of their three layers in Polypropylene, a petroleum derivative, although we are in the development phase of masks that do not contain it without reducing its filtration. In the rest of the accessories we mainly use JUTE, ORGANIC COTTON, and Pine Wood, so all these materials are also fully compostable and do not leave persistent residues in nature.